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Computer website for everyone who want to learn everything about computer and understand how computer work. This website provides you all the basics information in computer technology with simple, fast and easy navigation pages to give you the best ways of computer learning.

Hello there!

Welcome to our computer website. Computer tutorial can be a fun, awesome, and cool learning expirience. I hope that this website will be useful to you whatever your goals are in life, be they further education, certification, employment, or personal fulfillment.

This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners who are willing to learn computer skill but they are unable to learn it due to lack of proper guidance.

I am confident that after completing this tutorial, you will be able to repair computer by yourself and you will have a wider understanding of how computers work and how to use them.


Why study computers?

Computer technology is evolving faster than ever before and demand for computer professionals with the right qualifications is at an all time high. This page is designed to help you find reliable and relevant information on many important aspect of computers.

What is the importance of computer?

Computers have become an important part of society with people depending on them for activities from business to entertainment or education. Access to technology, especially to personal computers, has shifted from privilege to necessity in many parts of the world.

Want to be an advanced computer users?

Being computer literate is ok but if you want to go further and want to be a computer proficient I suggest that you read all pages within this webpage. It will give you the basic information about computer and acquired computer skill that you can used in a lifetime.


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A Computer Technician must be a graduate of Technical/Vocational course on Computer Systems Servicing and Basic Computer Programming. These courses are offered by TESDA accredited schools and institutions. Most employers prefer at least 2-3 years work related experience.

Four-Year Course

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and other Information Technology related courses normally ranges from P20,000 to P60,000 per semester in private schools and universities. However, in public educational institutions that offer the same discipline, tuition fee would cost about 20%-40% less.

Employment Opportunities

Computer Science and Information Technology remains in demand nowadays because most industries are now using computers and computer applications. IT jobs are widely needed both local and abroad. You probably already know that the Computer Technology careers are well-paid and in-demand.


In the Philippines, a Computer Support Specialists Entry level salary ranges from P18,000 - P23,000 per month and may even go up to P28,000 per month for highly-trained and experienced. In the US, the median monthly pay is around US $3,652.

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