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Blogger is a free, powerful publishing platform that provides you with all the tools you need to start and grow your blog. It's fully-customizable and packed with advanced features like HTML editing, gadget support, mobile publishing, and much more. Developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003.


Creating a website with Blogger gives you many great benefits for free that you would never be able to get with an actual website. You can create website and start blogging by signing up for BLOGGER.


The fastest way to understand blogging is to try it out. There worked hard to make it really easy for you. Simply click the link above and you can be part of the phenomenon that's transforming web and media to a participatory activity in less than five minutes.

Blogger's key benefits and features:


Create a beautiful blog that fits your style. Choose from easy to use templates with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images, or edit your blog’s CSS and HTML to create something entirely unique. If you’re using your blog for a brand or business, you can create a custom domain that’s easy for people to find and follow.


Share your story with more of the people you care about. Blogger connects seamlessly with Google+, helping you reach new readers and participate in the conversations your posts inspire. Use Google+ Comments to see what people are saying about your blog on Google+, Google+ Communities to find others who share your passion, and Hangouts to interact with your top fans face-to-face.


Let your passion work for you by taking advantage of Blogger’s income-generating tools. Show ads relevant to your users and earn money with Google AdSense. It’s integrated into your account and has easy to use controls, so you can choose where your ads go and what they look like.


Reach readers around the world from wherever you are, however you choose to reach them. Blogger is available in 60 languages and in countries across the globe. If you come up with an idea while you’re on the go, use the Blogger iOS and Android apps to post it from your phone or tablet right then and there.

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