026 - What is Computer Software

Software is the computer applications that are loaded on a computer. Software is a set of instructions given to the computer is called software. Software is logical in nature that impossible to touch. Software is developed by writing instructions in programming language.

The programs that manages, runs and operates the entire Electronic Data Processing system. Software is an organized information in the form of operating systems, utilities, programs, and applications that enable computers to work. Software consists of carefully-organized instructions and code written by programmers in any of various special computer languages.

Two Software Categories

System Software • general term for main programs that operate the computer system.

List of desktop and laptop oparating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 | Mac OS 8, 9, 10, X | Linux
List of tablet and phone oparating system: Apple's iOS, Google's Android, Microsoft Win8, Nokia's Symbian

Application Software • general term for software’s or programs that perform specific, user-oriented task.

List Of Application For Windows

Browsers • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Slim Browser
Player Plugins • Flash, Shockwave, Adobe Air, 3D Unity, Silverlight
Messager Tools • Aim, Yahoo, Skype, Digsby, Pidgin, FB messenger
Anti Malware Spyware • Avira Anti-Virus, Avast Anti-Virus, AVG Anti-Virus, 360 Internet Security, Zone Alarm Firewall
Torrent Tools • U torrent, Internet Download M, Download Accelerator P, Frostwire, DC++ 0.843, YT Downloader
Network Tools • Café manila, Net balancer, Hamachi, Teamviewer, Remote D Monitor, Packet Tracer
Image Tools • Picasa, PhotoScape, Fotor, FreeCAD, SketchUp, Sweet Home 3D
Audio Video Tools • K-Lite Codec Pack, QuickTime Player, Audacity, Advanced Jukebox, Virtual DJ, Win Movie Maker
PDF Reader • Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, doPDF, PDFmate, PDF Creator, ComicRack
Data Tools • Deep Freeze, EU Recovery, EU Backup, EU Partition, Format Factory, Nero Disc Burner
Monitoring • CPU-Z, Speccy, PC wizard, HWinfo, SpeedFan, Process Explorer
Benchmarking • CCleaner, Defraggler, Eraser, A System Care, RC Game Booster, 3Dmark
Processing • Autoruns, Unlocker, Tera Copy, Hide Drive, Tweak UI, Easy BDC
Compressing • WinRar, WinZip, IZArc, 7Zip, IsyLock, Synctoy
Writing / Painting • Open Office, Libre Office, Kingsoft Office, Microsoft Office, Paint.net, Gimp, CorelDraw, PhotoShop
Accessing / Decoding • Everything, Far Manager, SmarTTY, Turbo C, Notepad++

How Software Works

Software acts as the translator between human languages and binary, which makes it possible for the hardware to understand the instructions being fed into it. Hardware only understands the two basic concepts, on and off, which are represented as 1s and 0s in binary language. Programmers write commands called source code in programming languages that are similar to what someone might use in everyday speech. Another program called a compiler is then used to transform the source code commands into binary. The result is an executable computer program.

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