087 - What is Computer Webcam

A Webcam is a digital camera that feeds or streams its image in real time through a computer to a network. You can used it for self photo, create video, security camera, communicate and see your family, friends or other people in any places who have webcams.

A webcams are typically small cameras that either attach to a user's monitor or sit on a desk. Webcam or web camera is the loosely used term for any camera that generates images that can be accessed by and displayed on the world wide web through a server. A webcam is essentially just a camera that is connected to a computer, either directly or wirelessly, and gathers a series of images for remote display elsewhere. Webcam technology is widely used by all sorts of people for all sorts of different reasons.

Most webcams connect to the computer via USB, though some use a Firewire connection. Webcams typically come with software that allows the user to record video or stream the video on the Web. If the user has a website that supports streaming video, other users can watch the video stream from their Web browsers. Webcams can also be used for video chat sessions with other people. Instead of broadcasting the video on the Web, users can set up a video chat session with one or more friends and have a conversation with live audio and video.

There are many different types of webcam software, which are usually developed to function with a particular webcam or for a specific purpose. Many webcams have software that allows a computer to effectively connect to the camera and display images captured by that camera. There are also programs that can be used to make a webcam part of a network or to access a webcam on a computer from a remote location. Some types of webcam software are developed to allow a webcam to function in a particular way, such as creating a motion detection feature or forcing a video cam to capture still images rather than video. Webcam software typically refers to software programs that can be installed onto a computer for use with a webcam.

Some webcams can be used as “plug and play” hardware, which means they can be connected to a computer and then used with software that may already exist on the operating system (OS) of that computer. Other webcams may require webcam software to allow the computer to recognize the webcam and effectively capture and display images from the camera.

Webcam is also known as: video camera or web camera.

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