107 - How to Open PC Case

Bring out the computer chassis to start building your own personal computer. The computer chassis is a metallic box which houses the internal components of the computer. The casing usually comes with it's own power supply and a set of screws, connectors and cables.

Computer Chassis

The case or chassis of a computer is the metallic box which houses the various internal components. Cases also have other uses, such as blocking noise produced by the computer, and protection from electromagnetic radiation.

The main considerations when choosing a case are its form factor, its dimensions, how many drive slots it has, its power requirements, the connectors it has on the side, and finally its design and color.

Opening the Casing

Check your case instructions to determine how to remove the outer casing. This should give you clear access to the inside such that you can fit all your new equipment. Once this is done, carefully lay the case on its side, so that the opening faces up.

How to disassemble a computer case

01 • Place the computer casing in open area and prepare the basic tools to operate with your cpu unit

02 • Using your screw driver, unscrew all of the screws attached in your computer casing

03 • Using your hand simple rotate the thumbscrews attached in your computer casing to remove

04 • Slowly remove the right black cover of your computer casing

05 • Slowly remove the left black cover of your computer casing

06 • Now you can see clearly inside of your computer casing

07 • Again unscrew the remaining screws attached inside of your computer casing

08 • Remove the small black cover of your computer casing

09 • At the back of your computer casing, you can see some metal are removable

10 • Remove all the metal attached in the back of your computer casing so later we can connect the peripherals to your computer

11 • Good! You are now ready to install the computer hardware into your computer casing

Note: When you buy a brand new computer casing the screw will be also included. Just check inside of the computer casing or inside the box, if none just buy it on computer store. You will also need a positive screw driver for computer assembly, you can buy it on any hardware store.

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