109 - How to Insert Standoffs

The metal jackscrew standoffs are screwed or inserted into the chassis, and the mobo in turn is attached to the standoffs through the mounting holes in the motherboard. This creates a small space that prevents the back of the motherboard from shorting out against the metal case.


These will prevent the back of the motherboard coming into contact with the metal mounting plate inside the PC Case. It create small space between the metal and board circuit.

Determine Which Mounting Holes You will be Using

Determine which mounting holes you will need to use. About the only difficult part of installing a motherboard is matching up the mounting holes in the mobo with the ones on the case.

How to Insert Standoffs

01 • Inside of your computer casing, you can see some tiny holes

02 • Using your hand insert the standoffs into the holes

03 • Your standoffs location should fit into your motherboard mounting holes

04 • You can see that we only insert two standoffs in both corner because the other two are already good for mounting

In theory, the mounting hole locations are standardized within a given form factor; but in practice, it's a rare thing to find a case and motherboard whose mounting holes exactly correspond. More often, you will have to look at the mounting holes in the motherboard to determine which mounting holes on the case you will be using.

It's good practice to use all of the motherboard's mounting holes, but you probably won't use all of the case's mounting holes. Chances are that the case will have "extra" holes to accomodate different boards.

Three kinds of standoffs

Once you have determined which mounting holes you will be using, you will need to insert standoffs in the corresponding holes in the computer case. Chances are that some of them will already be installed, and you will have to install the rest.

There are several types of standoffs, with the ones on the right being the most common. The purpose of standoffs is to separate the back of the motherboard from the metal case. You install the standoffs in the mounting holes in the case that correspond to the holes in your motherboard.

If you don't install the standoffs, then you will most likely damage your motherboard when you try to install it.

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