111 - How to Inject Thermal Paste

Thermal compound is a sticky paste placed directly onto the CPU or other IC for a more direct heat transfer between the chip and the heat sink. Thermal compound also prevents air gaps from forming between the CPU and heat sink. This compound is an inexpensive solution and can be found at any place selling computer parts.

What is Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a type of heat transferring agent that serves to fill in the microscopic gaps that naturally occur when two flat metal surfaces (such as your CPU and cooler) are pressed against one another.

How do I apply thermal compound to the CPU?

01 • Bring out and prepare the thermal paste for compound application

02 • Inject small amount of thermal paste at the center of the processor

03 • Small amount is enough, the compound will spread itself when CPU cooler installed on the top of processor

• Applying thermal paste is a very easy process, it should be done correctly, otherwise you will not receive the optimal cooling effect that is desired.
• Use a very small amount, usually a small dot is enough for a processor. Some people prefer to smear or spread it across the CPU itself to cover it completely.
• To apply the thermal compound, spread a very thin layer onto the CPU using a flat tool such as a postcard, a piece of paper or plastic, credit card, etc.
• Applying too much thermal paste can also cause it to spill onto the motherboard, causing electrical damage if you are using a metal-based thermal compound.


Do NOT use your bare fingers to apply the compound as they contain oils and other substances that can cause issues. If you do need to use your finger, cover it with plastic or use a glove.

How do I clean thermal compound from the CPU and heat sink?

To remove thermal compound, apply a small amount of high percentage isopropyl alcohol to a paper towel and rub gently.

Tip: Remember less is more when applying thermal compound to the CPU.

Thermal compound can also be referred to as: heat dope, heat sink jelly, heat sink paste, heat sink compound, thermal gunk, thermo paste, and silicon compound.

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