115 - How to Install Motherboard

Installing the motherboard in your homebuilt computer usually is pretty easy. Basically, you just line up the board with the mounting holes and rear-panel openings, and then screw it in. The motherboard usually comes with it's own manual, driver disc and all the cables you will need.

Read the Manual!

Before actually installing the motherboard, be sure to thoroughly read the motherboard manual to familiarize yourself with the board's layout and connections, to make absolutely sure that it is compatible with the processor and memory that you will be using, to make sure that the jumper settings, if any, are correct, and to check for any other warnings or instructions.

How to Install Motherboard

01 • Prepare and check your motherboard circuit before installation

02 • Insert the motherboard inside of your computer casing

03 • Place the motherboard down atop of the standoffs

04 • Using your screw driver, screw one fitting screw on every corner of your motherboard to lock down but do not over tighten

05 • Use tie wrap to organize your front panel cable

06 • Now were done with motherboard installation

Line up the motherboard with the rear panel openings and the mounting screws. Once you have the correct standoffs inserted, lay the motherboard into the case, line up the mounting holes and the rear-panel connectors, and screw it down.

Usually, the easiest way to install a motherboard is to lay the motherboard over the standoffs slightly forward of the rear panel connectors, then slide it back into the rear panel connectors until the mounting holes line up. Make sure that you're not snagging any wires, then screw the board down.

You will notice, in various places on the motherboard, there are small holes with bare metal 'rings' around them. These can be used to fix the motherboard to the inside of the PC Case.

Don't over tighten-the screws! You will crack the motherboard if you do, and then it will be useless! The screws should be snug, not excessively tight. Use a standard screwdriver, not an electric one. This is delicate stuff we're doing here.


Under NO circumstances should the motherboard be mounted such that the back of the board is in contact with the metal case. This will cause a short-circuit and could damage the motherboard.

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