120 - How to Install Optical Drive

Install into Drive Bay. Optical Drives insert to the drive bay. Locate an available bay within the chassis and gently push the optical drive into the drive bay and lock the optical drive into place.

Advantages of SATA Optical Drive

Installing a SATA Optical Drive is a very simple and straight forward task. Unlike IDE Optical Drives there are no jumpers to set and each drive connects to the motherboard using an individual SATA cable.

There are other advantages to using a SATA optical drive such as much faster data transfer and better performance. If your motherboard has a E-SATA port then you can even use a SATA optical drive externally.

How to Install Optical Drive

01 • Prepare and check your optical drive before installation

02 • Check the front upper area of your computer casing and look for any removable object or cover

03 • Using your hand gently remove the rectangle shape cover in your computer casing

04 • You can see available space in which can be installed the optical drive

05 • Hold the optical drive and slide in the mount and push the optical drive slowly into the drive bay

06 • Using your screw driver, reinsert the screw and secure the optical drive into place

07 • You can see the front of your optical drive in your computer casing in this way we can have access the optical drive

08 • Connect the sata cable into optical drive, hold the sata cable and plug into optical drive sata port

09 • Connect the sata cable into motherboard, hold the sata cable and plug into motherboard sata port

10 • Now were done with optical drive installation

The first thing to do is choose an empty 3.5 inch optical drive bay. Position the drive so its ready to be inserted into the bay. Gently slide the optical drive into the bay as shown. Make sure the circuit side of the optical drive is facing down towards the bottom of the case. After that lock the optical drive into place using the lock slider or if your case does not have a lock mechanism you can just screw it into place.

We will connect the power sata cable later, now just connect SATA cable to SATA optical drive port. The connectors are like an L shape to only fit in one way so check the orientation to match the optical drive before pushing it into place. Finally attach the other end of the SATA cable to the motherboard.

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