134 - How to Install System Drivers

A device driver is a program that controls a particular type of device that is attached to your computer. There are device drivers for networks, displays, sounds, device readers, printers, and so on. For other devices, you may need to load a new driver when you connect the device to your computer.

Install all your missing drivers with DriverPack Solution.

Installed a new windows 10?, or 8 or 7 or even XP?! still looking for the drivers, save time by using Driverpack solutions which will help you to install all of your missing driver on just a second. DriverPack automatically selects and installs all drivers for free and without limitation.

DriverPack Solution comes with an option for online or offline scanning options.

DriverPack Solution Online driver installation is the best way to download necessary driver needed to your PC using the internet. Check DriverPack Solution homepage:

DriverPack Solution Online

DriverPack Solution Offline (DPS Portable) driver installation is a great choice and advantage if you:

• Have just installed your Windows operating system, and you don’t want to waste your time on identification of your computer’s hardware, downloading and installing every missing driver separately.
• Have reinstalled your Windows operating system, but you didn’t back up drivers and basic applications from the previous Windows installation.
• Have a computer that has no connection to the Internet, or that have no Ethernet drivers installed (and therefore no Internet connection).
• Created a backup image of one computer and restored that image to another computer (universal restore or bare metal restore).
• Have any other problems regarding driver installation, try DriverPack Solution Portable (DPS Offline).

• Download DriverPack Solution Portable.

How do I know which drivers are missing?

To find drivers for hardware that Windows refuses to recognize, open Device Manager.

Click the start menu button, in the search box enter the words “device manager” from the taskbar and then click or tap on the Device Manager result.

Missing Device Driver

Got some trouble with a ‘missing driver or unknown device’ error message on your computer.

When this message appears it means that something is not functioning as it should do within your computer.

You need to reinstall that missing driver for your computer work properly.

Device Manager

When your done with installing the DriverPack Solution your device manager now be look like this.

Download DriverPack Solution

After you Download the DriverPack Solution Portable, we are now ready to DriverPack Solution installation.

01 • Run DriverPack Solution

Download and run it easily, and it will check your computer configurations.

02 • Choose automatic set up computer or expert mode

After checking your computer configurations, the application will let you choose if you want to do automatic setup or you can click on the expert mode on the below bar to customize your driver and programs installations, and that’s what i recommend.

03 • Exploring the Expert Mode

You can choose what to install from the driver and what not, same for the software package.

Select the required drivers that you need to install and also you will notice that Driverpack can update your current drivers

After made your selections with each tab click Install everything, and the driverpack will download your required drivers and software to install.

04 • Drivers installation Begins

DriverPack Solution will now begin installing. No user intervention is necessary.

05 • DriverPack Solution Installation is Complete!

Congratulations! You successfully installed DriverPack Solution.

Note: Don't forget to restart your computer after installion of DriverPack Solution. Your computer required to reboot for the driver to worked properly.

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