136 - How to Download Application

Downloading is how you copy a file from a website to your computer, tablet, or device. Downloads are mostly used for program installations, apps, documents, and anything else that you need a local copy of. Here’s how to download the file using Internet browser.

How to download application online

01 • Open your browser

You should have atleast internet connection to be able to access the website that we want to open and download with.

02 • Go to the downloading site

Type the website name at url area and visit the website. You can use the search bar or click directly to the application that you want to download.

03 • Click the download now button

At the left side you will see a green download now button. Simply click the button to start downloading the application

Note: The start now button at right side is an example of advertisement, dont click it!

04 • Download get started

Wait until the downloading of application is complete. No user intervention is necessary.

05 • Download is Complete!

Congratulations! You successfully downloaded an application. Now click the show all at the lower right corner.

06 • View your downloaded application

Click the show in folder to see the application that you just downloaded.

07 • Portable Application

You can now save a copy of software application to your hard drive or flash drive. You can use and install it any time you want.

Know the Terms: Freeware, Trialware, and More

Have you ever downloaded a program that you thought was free and then, after using it for a while, saw a warning or some other message appear, prompting for payment to continue?

Assuming you weren't tricked into the download, you either downloaded the wrong version, especially if a number of different download options were available, or were mistaken about the cost of the program.

Almost all software developers use these three categories to classify their software:

Freeware • This means that the program is completely free to use as described.

Trialware • This means that the program is free to use for a certain period or time, or for a certain number of uses, and then will need to be paid for. This is also sometimes called shareware or just trial software.

Commercial • This means that the program is not free at all and must be paid for before you can use it. Even most commercial programs these days provide limited-time trial versions before asking for payment, so we see this designation less often.

Crapware • refers to any program that is included in a PC's initial software package even though it does not benefit the end user. Crapware is also alternatively referred to as bloatware, unwanted software included on a new computer or mobile device by the manufacturer.

Be wary of a program that just says it's "free" as there are plenty of ways to spin that. More about this next.

Don't be Tricked by "Download" Advertisements

Some of the most "successful" advertisements are those that trick a page's reader into believing that the ad isn't really an ad, but something useful on that site.

These sorts of advertisements run frequently on software download pages, appearing as giant DOWNLOAD buttons. As much as these large buttons might appear to be what you need to click to download the software you're after, trust me, they're not.

Common downloaded files type installer

One of the most popular types of downloads is downloading an app or program that can be installed on your computer. For PC users these files are .EXE files.

Note: Many programs may also be included in a compressed file. If the download file or link ends with a .arj, .zip, .tar, or .tgz. You need to unzip this files before you can use it.

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