042 - What is Visual Animation

Animation is the creation of animated images. Animation created an illusion of motion made with a sequence of images that are each slightly different. A simulation of action or movement created by displaying a series of images or frames in rapid sequence. Anime on television is one example of animation.

Animation is a visual technique that provides the illusion of life by displaying a collection of images that are each slightly different rolled in rapid sequence. Character animation created by adding emotion, acting, gestures and voices into an animated character. Animate mean is to bring to life. Animation is generally filmed at 24 Frames Per Second (FPS).

Two Category Of Animation

2 Dimension (2D) • is flat which means that if a picture is turned to the side then it becomes a line.
3 Dimension (3D) • includes an extra dimension known as z coordinate which stands for rotation and depth.

You get animate images when the pictures change in some way. Here are some ways in which pictures can change:

Change of size • EX. size change into big or small.
Change of shape • EX. shape change into circle triangle square.
Change of position • EX. position change into up, down, left or right.
Change of color • EX. color change into red, violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, black or white.
Change of speed • EX. speed change into slow or fast, backward or forward.

Cel Animation

An animator produces a sequence of pencil drawings on paper. These are traced onto clear sheets called cels, and colored in with paints. Each cel is placed on a background and filmed as one frame. The background remains constant while the cels are changed.

Stop-Motion Animation

Stop-motion animation is made using models. A miniature set is built to represent a room or a street. Puppets are placed in the set, moved small amounts, and filmed one shot at a time. Modern stop-frame animation also uses computers.

Model Animation

Animation models are made with clay, rubber or plastic. They are built up on a simple metal skeleton called an armature, which can be moved.

Computer Animation

Computer animation was first used in video games, but as the technology developed, it spread to movies and television for special effects and animated features. Computer animation has evolved from both cel and stop-frame animation techniques.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) • this refers to the drawing of three-dimensional models and sets on the computer. Using 3-D computer software, models can be built, colored, and animated in a virtual environment. Computer animation, unlike stop-frame animation, does not need the model to be placed in every position of a movement. Instead, key poses are set and the computer creates the positions in between.

Animation films take a long time to make. Some takes 1-3 years in the making only to create an 60 minutes animation.

Next time you watch a feature length animation, take a moment to read the credits and appreciate all the people it takes to make a full animation. Directors, producers, scriptwriters, researchers, animators, artists, painters, audio and video editors, accountants and more. There are no easy jobs in the animation studio, every role is crucial to the success of the animation.

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