060 - What is Computer Casing

A Casing or computer chassis is the system cabinet that helps protect and organize all the components inside of your computer. Most Common Cases is made of metal and come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Case contains a power and reset button, check the switch compatibily of case if for amd or for intel board.

Choosing a case for your PC is usually one of the most enjoyable parts. This will be the looks of your new machine and will reflect how you want your PC to be seen. 

Cases are usually constructed from steel or aluminium. Plastic is sometimes used, and other materials such as glass, wood and even Lego blocks have appeared in home-built cases.

Computer cases are one of the most aesthetics components of a computer, since they have to house the motherboard, processor, video cards, audio cards and add-in cards, as well as your hard drives and optical drives. 

Most of the computer cases are made of steel or aluminum. Some parts of a computer case can also be made of plastic. 

Computer cases can be divided into several categories by their sizes and purpose. Mainstream computer case styles and form factors include ATX Mid Tower, ATX Full Tower, MicroATX, Mini Tower and Desktop Cases.

Components found within a computer casing: Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Internal drives, Expansion card, Power supply, Heat Sink and Fans.

Two Configuration of a Computer Case: Desktop Computer Case and Tower Computer Case. The Computer Case is the most common used case and is mainly found in the three main sizes. Full tower, mid tower or a mini tower.

Importance of a Computer Case:

• The case is what holds everything together in a compact and organized fashion.

• Without the case, each of the sensitive components within the computer would be vulnerable to dirt, foreign objects, kids, animals, as well as electrical interference (EMI / RFI). 
• The case helps keep the air properly flowing over all components, which keeps everything cool and running properly. 
• The tower case is the most popular casing and comes with many style.

When selecting a desktop case for the business, or for home, or for the purpose of games it is important to select the right one. The best desktop can be found by searching online for all the available options.

Casing is also known as: computer chassis, system unit, base unit, cabinet box, enclosure, housing, tower or simply case.

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