063 - What is Computer CPU Cooler

A Heat Sink and Fan (HSF) is a thermal conductive metal device with cooling fan designed to absorb and disperse heat away from a high temperature object such as a computer processor. Heat Sink and Fan benefits: Enhanced your computer performance, increased life and reliability of critical high power components.

A heatsink is a device that is attached to a microprocessor chip to keep it from overheating by absorbing its heat and dissipating it into the air. Generally, a microprocessor's temperature should not run in excess of 50-55 degrees Celsius while under a full load. 

The heatsink may be held in place on the microprocessor by a clip. To ensure that the heatsink can absorb as much heat as possible, thermal paste is used to create a seal between CPU and HSF.

There are two heat sink types: active and passive:

Active heatsink • is one that comes with a fan.
Passive heatsink • is one that comes without a fan.

In electronic systems, a heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that cools a device by dissipating heat into the surrounding medium. In computers, heat sinks are used to cool central processing units, random access memory, graphics card or chips.

Heat sinks are generally made of an aluminum alloy and often have fins. A fan is often used in combination with the heat sink to keep both the CPU and heat sink at an acceptable temperature.

Fan moves cool air across the heat sink, pushing hot air away from the computer. Each CPU has a thermometer built in that keeps track of the processor's temperature. If the temperature becomes to hot, the fan or fans near the CPU may speed up to help cool the CPU and heat sink.

Parts of a CPU Cooler

Peeling the backing from the heat sink compound. Most CPU coolers are composed of three parts: A fan, a heat sink, and a mounting device that attaches the cooler assembly to the motherboard directly over the processor. 

A fourth element of the cooling system is something called "heat sink compound" or "thermal jelly," which is applied between the heat sink and the die of the processor to improve heat transfer from the processor to the heat sink.

CPU cooler is also known as: HSF or heat sink and fan.

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