129 - How to Insert Media Disc

Insert your disc into optical drive. Your computer can play music or watch movie using a media player. CDs and DVDs are played within optical disc drives that come as part of a computer. Inserting the disc is a very easy task just follow the simple instruction below.

Your PC has at least a CD drive. It may also have a separate DVD drive. Or, most commonly, it has a combination drive that can read both CDs and DVDs. You need to get that CD or DVD into your PC to put data on it.

There are two types of these drives

• readers – these only read from the discs
• writers – these can copy data on to discs. also known as recorders or burners

How to insert a disc into your computer

01 • Locate the optical drive of your computer then push the button on your CD or DVD drive

02 • Wait for the slide drive tray to fully opened

03 • Hold the disc properly then carefully put the disc into the drive tray

04 • Check the disc if is properly aline with the drive tray

05 • You can manually close it using a hand or press the button again to close it

06 • Your computer will now try to detect the data on your disc


• When you insert the disk upside down, the drive can’t read it and most likely will eject the disk automatically.

• An exception to the label-side-up rule is a DVD with data recorded on both sides. Some DVD movies have the TV version on one side and the wide-screen, or letterbox, version on the other. If so, make sure you put the side you want up in the drive.

• Some CDs are clipped. That is, they aren’t round discs, but, rather, are business card size or some other special shape. These discs work fine in the tray type of CD-ROM/DVD drive, but don’t insert them into the slide-in type of tray.

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